Lysine And The Pauling Therapy. STOP HEART ATTACKS NOW!

Heart diseases are a major problem all around the world, and every year millions of people die of heart attacks. The traditional medicine will tell you that you need meds to keep your heart in good health, but there might be a simple way according to Linus Pauling’s theory.

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Who was Linus Pauling?

Linus Pauling was a renowned biochemist, chemist, and peace advocate. He was regarded as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, winning two Nobel Prizes – for chemistry and peace activism. In fact, he is the only one to have two unshared Prizes.


He is known for his role in:

  • quantum chemistry
  • molecular biology
  • orthomolecular therapy
  • megavitamin therapy.

Pauling research led to the appearance of a theory that you could cure heart diseases with high doses of Vitamin C and lysine.

His later work focused on using Vitamin C – oral and intravenous as a cure for terminal cancer patients. Although his clinical trials showed great results, they were disputed by the medical community and rejected.

Linus Pauling’s theory of heart disease

According to Pauling, heart diseases are the result of something very simple – a deficiency in vitamin C. Most animals can make vitamin C on their own, but humans can’t. That’s why we need to get the required daily dose of the vitamin for our food.

But what’s the link between vitamin C and heart diseases?

Our body needs vitamin C to make something essential called collagen. You might find collagen as the main ingredient in your lotion, but its purpose is far more important. Collagen is:

  • the main structural protein in our body, the glue that holds our body together
  • found throughout the whole body – muscle, bones, blood vessels, etc.
  • responsible for repairing damages
  • maintaining healthy skin and tissues

When there is not enough vitamin C, the body can’t make enough collagen for its needs. As a result, the coronary arteries start to deteriorate first. They are under a lot of mechanical stress from the blood pumping through the heart.

This effect is observed in patients with scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency disease.

What’s the role of lysine?

Linus Pauling claims that when there is a vitamin C deficiency, the body can’t produce enough collage to repair the blood vessel damage. Instead, something called lipoprotein (a) appears. It takes the role of collagen and fixes the damage done to our arteries.

Why is that bad? LP (a) is rich in cholesterol, and it has been recognized as a significant risk factor for developing heart disease. It builds on the artery walls and creates plaques. As you can imagine, this leads to narrow blood vessels and heart attacks.

Linus Pauling states that l-lysine, an essential amino acid, might be the answer to dealing with LP (a). The explanation is quite simple – lysine attracts LP(a). That’s why Pauling thought that introducing free lysine in the blood will deal with the present LP(a) and reduce the risk of a heart attack.


As you see, Linus Pauling’s theory of curing heart diseases with vitamin C and lysine is fascinating. However, most of the medical community doesn’t agree with it. Also, numerous studies have proven that large doses of vitamin C won’t lower your risk of cancer or heart disease.

But it’s up to you to decide which one you believe.