One in every four Americans dies of heart disease each year, making this illness the major cause of death in the United States. This data underscores the importance of educating yourself about your different options when it comes to heart disease treatment, including the alternatives to bypass surgeries.

The Heart Disease Bypass Surgery blog is your online resource for information on heart disease, bypass surgery, drug treatments, and the modern chelation therapy.  Most people come here because they have heard of an alternative to the cholesterol-lowering drugs, or to bypass surgery, and they want information about chelation therapy. They may have already learned about chelation or not—they may or may not know much about the difference between intravenous chelation therapy and oral chelation.

This is the blog where you can get information on heart disease and bypass surgery.  Find out the benefits of using chelation therapy as an alternative to cholesterol-lowering drugs, doctor-recommended diets, or even bypass itself. Not only can you get all this type of information here, but you can also learn exactly what ingredients any good oral chelation formula should contain, and why each ingredient is required.

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